Everyday Invalidations How Did You Learn Change? Who Taught You?

Yup a pretty major question.  Think who taught you how to change?  How did you learn to change?  What role models for change did you have?  How did these role models manage, lead or were agents of the change?

Here is my answer(s)-no one, no where, no how.  Change was not well received where I grew up.

My working hypothesis is that this key survival skill that helps one become Antifragile is tossed by the way side in place of ignorance and denial.

There is much more to this.  I did not receive a course or studies in change or what change is and how to recognize, lead, agency, or manage it. I go back to Change Agency as a lifeskill that allows for survival and evolution during disruptive and fragmented times.  The project and the change event.  The Project has a start and finish date the change event goes beyond the time constraints of the project deadline.  That is the difference.  There is emotional residue from a change that is often left behind or thrown out with the garbage.

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