Everyday Invalidations Did You Make A Child Laugh Today?


As a parent I feel there are inherent duties and responsibilities to support the welfare, growth and development of a child. I am also aware of the power of laughter for a child.  That chemical rush of biochemicals and brain functions that cause laughter.   There is also the emotive and social bond of laughter and vulnerability.  I validate you my child when we laugh and I can create laughter with you.

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Everyday Invalidations An Experiment With Habits And Disciplined Change

Do not make resolutions

What happens when I invalidate the power of my habits?  What happens if I remain asleep to this subtle form of self marketing and sales?  I become a victim and a loser that is what.  However what if I take a page out of David Emerald’s book and begin to create habits?  Build and design them. What then?

Creator, inventor and innovator?  Change maker?  Hmmm, in all of the reading and writing on change I still think not enough is written on habits and their unseen force.

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Everyday Invalidations What Is The Current Reality (CR)?

Before a change effort ask the question how bad is it? What symptoms of suffering are being experienced?  How bad is it really? How many undesirable effects are present?  Is it intolerable?

If it is not that bad then don’t change or talk about it or think about it just stay status quo.

How would one map the current reality?  Ask questions and make a list a good list not one of subjective complaints but real suffering impacts and effects that challenge the quality of life or that threaten the goal of your life.

This is a brainstorm or improv exercise to get this done.  Change does not happen overnight there needs to be a place of departure –away from and a place of arrival –going to.  Going to has value, advantages and benefits that the last place did not have.

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Everyday Invalidations Today, Find A B Corporation


Today I can smile a friendly smile and give myself a friendly hug.  How come?  Because today I am not going to a deadbeat job at a loser company run by micro managers that’s why.  Yup money is tight and I have made up my mind to seek out only company’s of benefit B Corps.  I have been on this path for a while and have made the decision long ago but I have not been able to express it as I am now.

So, be curious about a B Corp.

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Everyday Invalidations Connect The Dots


Mostly there is a lot of moving parts with people and places and things-read companies.  They are complex beasts for the most part that have a lot going on under the surface.  I am so tempted to say the unconscious life of a company but don’t want to as I will be labelled an analyst of which I am not.


Connecting the dots takes some time and some patience and some good speculation and tentative thinking.  I can arrive at best guesses as I often do when I use the terms deadbeats, losers and micro managers.  I think that is the unresolved subjective emotive part of me wanting to say something.


This post is a thinking post and a contemplative one.  Look beyond and beyond what is present and what is implied by speech and actions.  Become a better detective really in all aspects of your life.

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This is for the successful, the materially successful that is who remain impoverished.

Of course in keeping with my theme of invalidation and such.  This is for the deadbeats, losers and micro managers who rake in billions of dollars in glory and prestige and remain impoverished emotionally.  How come you ask?  Because they are deadbeats, losers and micro managers.

It sounds harsh I know however I have encountered many of those who hold the title of leader or manager who are emotionally poor.  How so?  They are micro managers, they are clueless about their own internal neurosis and would rather blame those who work under them when life does not go according to plan or their business fantasies.

I feel there is not enough written about these poor souls of whom I think they number in the billions if not trillions out there in the corporate jungle.  The movement is not strong enough to oust the micro manager not merely send them to EI/EQ class rather send them packing for good with no future of employment.


As a society we are too easy on leaders and managers who are emotionally impoverished even as materially as rich as they may appear.

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Everyday Invalidations Small Wins For Change

More about this and more about how it works for me.

The small win can be tiny in fact.  Getting out of bed or even eating breakfast or even not arguing first thing in the morning.  I feel it is tied to self programming of the unconscious at some level.

As this is not self help nor is it other help for self help feel free to reject and disagree with the small win theory of change.

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