Everyday Invalidations Change, Job Loss And Grief

These are disruptive and tumultuous times not to mention fragmented.  Plants close, business move away, people are fired, laid off, quit, get injured or go on leave.  Those are changes some are losses.  I find that often as a group of people trying to live together we don’t do change so well and we never ever talk about grief and loss.  Get on with life, move on, find another job, get back on the horse and try, try again.  Isn’t that the age old bullshit we have been fed under the Pollyanna pop psychology banner?  What about the emotions that have been involved with all this change?  Denial, shock, anger, etc?  What happens to that energy?  Does it just go away?

How many are ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution where millions of jobs will be considered extinct via technology?  Still in denial or perhaps you are using social distributive justice,” it won’t happen to me.”  We are asleep at the switch, we are lulled to zombie land by our emotions, they are just too much to process and handle let along make sense of them.  So I can sit in denial as the idea of loss is too great a challenge for me.

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