The Important Stuff:

My name is Shawn Draisey, world traveller, successful failure, career road warrior, triathlete, runner, martial artist and most important spectator of the human social experience.  POV is that everything can be improvised, spun for humor, love, compassion and hope.  Business can be conducted from a place of genuine faith, abundance as a labour of love.

The Somewhat Important Stuff:

Education has always confused me, the smarter I thought I got the slower I became.


S.S.W. Fanshawe College

Cert. Applied Women’s Studies UWO

Career Development Practitioner Diploma Conestoga College

E-Career Coach Certificate Capilano College

EQ-i/EQ-360 Certified Administrator/Facilitator MHS Toronto

There you have it all the proper legal paper work to function in todays world so far


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