This is for the successful, the materially successful that is who remain impoverished.

Of course in keeping with my theme of invalidation and such.  This is for the deadbeats, losers and micro managers who rake in billions of dollars in glory and prestige and remain impoverished emotionally.  How come you ask?  Because they are deadbeats, losers and micro managers.

It sounds harsh I know however I have encountered many of those who hold the title of leader or manager who are emotionally poor.  How so?  They are micro managers, they are clueless about their own internal neurosis and would rather blame those who work under them when life does not go according to plan or their business fantasies.

I feel there is not enough written about these poor souls of whom I think they number in the billions if not trillions out there in the corporate jungle.  The movement is not strong enough to oust the micro manager not merely send them to EI/EQ class rather send them packing for good with no future of employment.


As a society we are too easy on leaders and managers who are emotionally impoverished even as materially as rich as they may appear.

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