Everyday Invalidations Not Sorry!


Yup more on the subject of lack of apology.  For a lot of years I blamed others for my errors, mistakes, mess ups, etc.  I did not and will not apologize nor take any responsibility for my behavior or actions.  Needless to say I accumulated a lot of bad karma that eventually led to my downfall. When I was not sorry I was right and made the other wrong.  I was acting from a victim standpoint or ‘poor me’.  I was also acting from a persecutor stand point, ‘apologize or else’ threatening emotional hostage taking.  Both are drama roles that require a ton of energy to design and maintain.

When I learned to say sorry from a place of reflection of what my part in the drama was, the burden of shame, and anger and suppressed emotions was lifted.

In the end I learned it is easier to say sorry, a true apology that is.

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