Everyday Invalidations The Hollow Company


Right sized, laid off, downsized, rationalized, re-engineered or even bankrupt-insolvent?  Welcome to the hollow company run by Deadbeats, Losers and Micro Managers.  If you are reading this you may notice a little bit of resentment and anger in my words and such.  My answer to that is yes of course.


Working a 360 recruitment desk and being on the other side of the table I got to see the dark side of management and whatever passes for leadership today.  Find a good company with good people who do good.  The goodness is designed into the DNA (read culture) of the organization.

Let me deadbeats be with deadbeats and the losers hang out with losers and the micro managers well they can sit and argue with each other who is right and who is wrong and who is the most anal retentive

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