Everyday Invalidations Are Deadbeat And Loser Companies The Same Thing?


This is a very good question, excellent in fact.  A deadbeat refuses to validate a relationship or an exchange of value.  There are lots and lots of companies who are deadbeats and are run by deadbeats. Their only concern is for you to do the work and they will take credit.

A loser company is one who is clueless and lives in constant denial of the ever changing reality of the marketplace.  Ego blindness might be a close analogy.  There are a ton of loser companies who are run by highly educated egoistic academics who like to smell their own arrogance and who have fetish filled fantasies about power driven mind control of the companies they lead and/or manage.  Ah yes, they seem like the neighbor next door but at heart they are sociopaths.

So now you are asking where is your data?  I do not have anything formal to present, just 9 years in the trenches at employment agencies and headhunting firms.  Come to think of it there is not enough written about deadbeats, losers or micro-managers, how come?  Am I the only one who has experienced this?

I will be pleased to delve into micro management when I post next.

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