Everyday Invalidations Deadbeat Businesses Who Take Hostages-Be Happy You Are Getting A Christmas Card


This is not about customer service or client responsiveness rather pure validation of those who patronize the business service or product that an organization offers. When we last left our story I was working for a small search firm in London ON in 2008 where the owner and general manager were one and the same.  She was a deadbeat, loser and micro manager.

How come?

Not only did she tell me not to thanks my clients and candidates after a deal was made she went to lecture about how grateful they should be that we send them a Christmas card.

What is the energy at play here?  What are the emotions at play?  Anger, greed, and/or control?

But control of what?  What is the illusion she is grasping at?  Threats and emotional hostage taking or not being on our coveted Christmas card list?

This act of control and emotional hostage taking is more popular and frequent than most think.  Mass mailing plastic pens, doodle pads and templated emails to those who provide for your success is disrespectful.  Sit down and hand write a message of thanks, and kindness.  It is not meant to get more business rather to show that you have some awareness of humanity that took place during the business transaction.

Send a card today to the coffee shop, grocery store, etc where people serve you and you buy stuff.  Validate them and put some humanity back in to your life.  And if you do this already do it more!!!

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