Everyday Invalidations More About Deadbeats, Losers and Micro Managers


I have experienced some emotions to the extreme in the workplace.  Often times they were mine and sometimes they were the so called leaders and managers who supposedly had the control, finesse and academic pedigree to solve problems.  What is a deadbeat leader, manager or company as per my purview and experience?

A deadbeat does not validate exchange of business, they do not say thank you.  In fact not only are they ungrateful they ask for more business as  you experience the emotional residue of disingenuous care and concern.

The agency recruitment business is the absolute worst for these acts of coercion and fabricated emotions of concern and compassion.  In my 2nd year running a desk 2008 it was the owner told me that we do not have time to say thank you to anyone, we send them a Christmas card that should be enough.

Clearly this is a deadbeat, loser and she was a micro manager to boot!

There are 2 parties that collaborate to make an offer of employment.  A client company and a prospective candidate.  Both are of equal value and both are to be validated if the agreement is negotiated, signed and executed.  The simple act of validation of those people that do business with you is almost extinct.

What has taken its place?  The speed of greed and mass emailed thank you cards.

What a sham!  We are at choice and basic humanity to say thank you and validate business clients, and service users.

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