Everyday Invalidations Speaking A Truth No One Wants To Hear


When it comes right down to it no one wants to change.  No one really wants to be different or leave their comfort habits for something unknown that promises a better world.  No one really wants to take a good look at the darker side of change; that being the unconscious pain and resistance that often accompanies a disruption, transformation, etc, etc.  The duality to change is a topic most would rather deny, invalidate and sweep under the carpet.  By investing in the repression and suppression of the emotions that are associated with change existentially our flaws and imperfections are left at bay not to be disturbed.

There are a great many thinkers and doers of change today in the world trying to improve the quality of life for us all.  The resistance, denial and invalidation of their efforts manifests in a form of fear of loss.  Loss of power, ego position, riches and control or the illusion of control.  And here is where I pick up or plug in the theme of Change, Loss and Grief that is associated with Ernest Becker as well as Stephen Karpman.  It is better to live out an anxious life script as a Victim of drama than it is to overcome and face the anxiety or our potential flaws and imperfections and face the greatest future change that is the fate of us all, death.   For I propose there is a loss and grief reaction with most life events we are unaware of.  What happens to those trapped and unprocessed emotions?

And that is a truth no one wants to talk about or hear, especially in the business world.

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