Everyday Invalidations Ignorance And Change


The unofficial definition I will use here is an unawareness either motivated or unmotivated of reality for the word ignorant.  I admit for many years I was ignorant and to some extent I am still so but not that much.  I duly note that I am not enlightened nor a saint rather somewhere in between.

Ignorance is a great business to be in.  It never goes out of style there seems to be a good chunk of the population who invests in denial and invalidation.  But how to help those who wish to remain ignorant of change or moreover gain greater dissociation between reality and their ignorance?  I find there is far too much stock put into cures and therapeutic actions no one wants to really know the truth, the anxiety can be overwhelming.

Often the struggle may seem like it is with others however upon closer inquiry it is with ourselves and our constant love hate drama we design with our hours and minutes.

Take up a stupidly small practice of self compassion and love. It is not easy being you or me.  And for that reason self compassion can nullify ignorance in my books, it is a change agent a tool for the path to a gentler conversation with oneself.

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