Everyday Invalidations The Expectation Fallacy


You and you alone understand 100% your world, thoughts, feelings, etc.  You and you alone can understand or make meaning from glimpses into your unconscious as well. Even if others such as family, close friends, etc say they get you they do, basically 40% of the who, what, why and how you are.  The other 60% remains hidden for the most part.  Where did I get the numbers? Just guessed based on my experience.

Where does communication go wrong?  The expectation fallacy, where there is an expectation that others should think and feel as I do regardless of the circumstances.  Further exploration into my own life constraints and root causes of my suffering reveal that the expectation fallacy operates in my life without my knowing.  And this causes much strife to thhe relationships in impact and effect.  Notice I did not say the relationships I am in.  I impact and effect systems by my interaction with them.  I am an actor and agent of a system or systems.  That is a powerful statement as it implies responsibility and awareness.

Learn the language of the system culture you are interacting with first and second ask the question what is hidden?  What is unspoken?  What don’t I know?  Question design and creation often gives me pause to consider my errors in language processing of a system culture I am ignorant of.

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