Everyday Invalidations Change Exercises


WTF?  Like a workout?  Weight lifting, sprints, push ups, etc?

Yes that is right a change workout to get your mind and emotions all hot and sweaty and achy .

How does this happen?  Improv!

Seeking to stay on the linear logic of doing nothing and hoping for change?  Trying to stop and analyze what is going on and graph it to make some well thought out hypothesis?  As there is nothing wrong with a little recreational common sense or thought too much can cause rigor mortise of the creative part of the brain.

Enter improv of any type…musical riffs, comedic, theater games, long form ,etc.  Welcome to a change workout.  Unscripted, analyzed or scheduled.  Go with the flow!

The takeaway go to an improv class and if you get uncomfortable good do more to feel more uncomfortable.

Fail fast, Fail hard and embrace change!!!!

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