Everyday Invalidation Hard Luck And Drama Stories Of Change


How did I come up with that title?  I just listened really hard to people.  I am not talking about the marginalized or the impoverished.  I listened to learned academics and senior professionals in all levels of government, banking, IT, manufacturing, etc.  As I listened I picked up on a common theme that most of the stories possessed, drama and hard luck.  Not all of them were dark some had success.


But I thought with all the academic and cerebral power that resides in the business world why the dark hard luck when it comes to change?  This has turned on my curiosity like never before.  Might it be the fact that 90% of change efforts disrespect the hidden aspects of change that lurk below the waterline?

Notably loss, grief, vulnerability, and compassion?  What might be the unconscious drama roles  a team undergoing change are playing amongst themselves?  Who is the victim, the rescuer and the persecutor?  How do these roles influence and impact the conscious and unconscious change dynamic?

My working hypothesis is that I agree there is physical suffering and inequality in the world however I sense that the deeper existential and split personality suffering happens at a business and corporate level from the bottom to the top.  How come?  I am not sure yet however I am voraciously digging into cultural anthropology and psychoanalytic anthropology for answers.

The human species has had to deal with change for a long time, why does it appear to be such an exhausting stretch for us now at the beginning of this century


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