Everyday Invalidations More On Change Drama And Anxiety


The unknown often elicits in us fear and anxiety.  Change often does the same. It leads to drama, fear and anxiety.  Does it have to?

What if change was taken on proactively instead of re actively?  Would that make a difference?

I reference the Karpman Drama Triangle and the energy that is invested into making the drama chase our daily practice from Victim to Rescuer to Persecutor.

When a change should happen along what do we do?  Often chase it on the triangle.  The change is viewed as a victim, a rescuer and persecutor.  We keep the drama chase intact and ourselves powerless and without choice. Much energy is wasted with staying stuck and I should know as a good portion of my existence has been chasing myself around the drama triangle and with others who were emotionally sick enough to join in.  Everybody gets wrecked when that happens.

The takeaway for today is awareness at a basic and deep level if you care to allow it.

Here are 3 questions from David Emerald part of the 3VQ process:

1. Where are you or I placing my focus? 

The emotional muck and mire of toxicity or the greener pastures of vision and change

2. How are you or I relating to yourself and others? (This is part a social/emotional question)

The resentment of the current or the curious possibility of creating change

3.What actions are you or I taking? 

More of the same, “ring around the drama triangle” or baby steps to follow the created change.

3 Vital Question

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