Everyday Invalidations Save Yourself To Change Yourself


In the end you are all you have and the brain that came with you.  I am learning the simple power of common sense many years after I should have.  Save your thinking first, save your brain first and in order to save yourself there is a need to change yourself notably the grey blob that sits in your head.

How?  There are many ways and I have come to know that awareness is a very important attention grabber if I let it.  Once I become aware of the pain, the dull ache that droned on as well as the acute sharp electric pain radiates everywhere I became aware of my role in the crisis or chaos.  Note that I use the descriptions above to describe emotional and existential pain.

How bad is it?  Liveable, with some addictive distractions or mind numbing behaviors?  Perhaps.  There is this thing called vulnerability and humility that works wonders as well to dissipate pain.

In the end compassion was what I was left with, years after the addictions had ended and the emotional residue remained.  Self compassion that is-common humanity, mindfulness and loving kindness.

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