Everyday Invalidations A New Way of Relating To Myself-Validation And Compassion


I am surprised it has taken me this long for it to sink in.  My “Aha” moment continues to amaze me!  Yes, go ahead and start becoming your own best friend after all you are all you have.  Validate and humanize yourself in this impermanent and imperfect world we live in.

Have I hit bottom yet?  Maybe a few times and maybe not.  The pain and drama keeps me in the drivers seat of Victim.  However, when I am compassionate with myself and a bit kinder to the changes underway my moment to moment takes on a new perspective.  I get to shed the needy and the co-dependent aspects of myself.

“When we give ourselves unconditional love, we discover the conditions under which we were unloved”  this may require some grief and loss work bringing some meaning and closure to unfinished patterns and relationships of long ago.


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