Everyday Invalidations Acts Of Self Compassion During A Change Effort


Sometimes change does not always go our way, Murphy’s Law I think it is called.   Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.  When that happens how do we react?  Judge, critique, scold, demean or debase ourselves?

One act of self compassion is mindfulness.  Quiet the mind with meditation.  Pay attention to the breath and pursue the truth.  Your breath is the truth it is always there waiting for you.

A second act of self compassion is kindness, loving kindness at that.  Sometimes change is hard and a struggle for whatever reason.  Try and be kind.  This is hard, this is not easy.  Pause for a moment and validate yourself.

Act three is common humanity.  Life is flawed and imperfect.  To hold another expectation is the design and creation of misery, I should know.  Pursuing an error free life full of winning and self judgment lays the groundwork for daily disappointment.

Go ahead validate yourself with some quiet time and some TLC.

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