Everyday Invalidations The Deep Dive Into Awareness


Each day I sit and reflect and contemplate what I am trying to do with this.  It is many fold I discover, awareness, change facilitation, compassion and faith not necessarily in that order.  The work place of today is a freak show most of the time and a comfortable place of social connection for brief moments.  How come?  We are not connected anymore and tend to use disassociation as the default mechanism to related to each other.  The ego has taken over the Eco system of the organization.  The wake up is for anyone who banks on the fact that it will get better over time and the change will happen by itself.  Time to wake up!  The change agent is you like it or not and Big Corp and Giant Co will not save you.  They are too fragile hoping they do not topple and fall of the edge of the competitive world as they resist the great drivers of change.

The above graphic is for those who notice the lack of social-emotional connection at work and how they may have become a receptacle of unresolved emotional trauma and grief those around them need to project.  Anxiety has a funny way of creeping up on people who are emotionally asleep or deny their personal feelings.

A workplace culture may take years to change, replace, etc, etc.  What to do?  Get out or change yourself!  How accept the hard and brutal truth!  What was is now gone and what is cannot be sustained.  Seek to look deeply into your assumptions and beliefs, they hold the freedom and cage of constraint.

I have waded through my fair share of away days, change efforts, culture shifts, AGM’s where we unfurl the proud new future of the company or team or whatever only to have it fall flat in a few weeks time.  The foundation of this is the drama of control and command and abuse and invalidation of another.  It comes down to absolute fragility of the emotions of those in the corporation.  As of today I may change the sub heading to Writings about emotional invalidation and how to design, and build resilience in today’s chaotic and changing work space.

Enter 4  possible emotional strength conditioning tools:

Self Compassion- Dr. Kristin Neff

TED (The Empowerment Dynamic)-David Emerald

Theory U-Otto Scharmer

The Grief Recovery Method-John James and Russell Friedman

Not to mention Emotional Intelligence and Literacy (Goleman, Steiner, Bar-On) along with Prosilience by Linda Hoopes.

Just because this may be inspirational and well written does not mean it will help with awareness nor the motive to begin down the path of change.  Some may die due to resistance, fear and stubbornness.

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