Everyday Invalidations Storytelling For Change-The Middle


The event is underway!  The decision has been made to go for it, whatever the “it “is.

Often the emotions of doubt, fear, shame, excitement, loss and grief surface as the change initiative moves forward with all its twists and turns.

What is the story here?  Struggle, triumph or equanimity?  That’s right balance.  How needy or codependent is the craving for change?  Life and death?  How well planned is the change event? Yes even if it is trying to lose 50 lbs of fat or any other micro personal habit shift a change plan needs to be designed, created and executed.

What is the self talk like during the middle story of change?  Victim, rescuer or persecutor?  Or was there resilience and compassion investments made to strengthen those emotional muscles when the going got tough?

It is easy to run out of steam during a long haul or very intense change project.  What resources are currently on board to draw upon?  How can you become your own best friend in times of doubt?

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