Everyday Invalidations A Is For Awareness Summation


Communicate the need for change, run through or address the factors that influence this cognitive state and you are home free.  Sort of.   In the book ADKAR, How To Implement Change In Our Personal Lives and Our Professional Careers gives Awareness 11.5 pages of introduction and explanation.  Is it enough?


But what if at certain points in life you were not aware despite the communication tactics and strategies implemented?  I was oblivious for most of my existence.  What then?  I did not move to the next stage, desire to change as I had no clue or stubbornly resisted to change my habits.


Here is where I respectfully depart from ADKAR.  How much suffering is being produced, created or manufactured by the thoughts and actions that are currently taking place?  How much pain and undesirable effects are resulting?  How is that being felt and given voice or invalidated and denied by the organization and yourself?  In short how bad is it, really?  We have yet to come to the change or the injection of cure as we are inquiring into the systems current reality.


Awareness may come after this rather than before.  Note well that I use the PROSCI ADKAR definition of awareness-as the need to communicate the business need for change.  There are those who may argue that the above paragraph is a rough outline of baseline reality and the level of awareness for change, true.  However, it does not comply with the ProSci ADKAR definition: to create an awareness of the need for change.


Today’s take away, there is nothing wrong with using a model, or method or approach and stay curious to challenge lazy and comfortable assumptions of the structure in use.

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