Everyday Invalidations A Is For Awareness Part 1

adkar_block_awareness_-_webThe A in ADKAR is for the awareness of the need to change.  The opposite of awareness might be ignorance and disregard.  I find the model itself quite pedestrian and simple to read and it looks like a breeze to plug and play and implement.  However, there is a probability of when trying to create and facilitate awareness we run into the emotional quicksand of fear which fuel motivated ignorance, resistance and disregard.


If I dare to bring in EI\EQ or for that matter Steiners Emotional Literacy concept, awareness of the emotional self and others may be a greater factor than sending a few emails and having town hall meetings for the stubborn among the population seeking to change.


What if this is a micro change at the personal level?  I have to check in with my own level of awareness and find out if it is there or not.  I feel with awareness there is a vulnerability and humility piece that is a core requisite for awareness to be present.


Today’s takeaway, change is not all that easy as it involves many moving parts we often do not see or remain hidden.  Stay curious.

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