Everyday Invalidations Curious About Change

It hit me today at 7:20am.  How do I change fat into muscle?  This goes beyond weight loss or getting fit,etc.  It takes my mind and thought and feeling into curiosity about this change-the cause and effect relationships that support the probability.


It is not anxiety nor a victim filled I failed again rather another choice to make to move further down the path of change and the insight required.  My curiosity is compassionate, I am not dramatizing my 6 month attempt at change nor playing poor me.  It is more information that I was not aware of when I started the change project.


I can be curoius about the chemistry involved in changing fat to muscle.  I suspect there is more to it than a 90 quick fix.


The feeling of curiosity, compassionate curiosity is quite different from anything I have felt before.

There is a subtle aha or eureka moment and then great happiness.  Hmmmm.


Today’s takeaway stay curious , compassionately curious!

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