Everyday Invalidations Conserve Energy


There was a time when I would spin and spin and spin in emotion.  I would waste energy with myself and with others.   That was when I was much younger and immature-and I am still growing up currently.


Change begins with oneself and remains with oneself.  Yes certain factors in the world change, the weather, aging, death, etc.  My core objective is to facilitate and curiosly coach the change within myself and that takes energy a lot of it.


So I need to be mindful of where my energy is invested and directed.  Yell, scream,and shout to lecture or scold someone to change is wasteful energy.  To engage in lenghty intellectual debate to win is a waste of energy.


The sad part is that it has taken me 48 years to wake up to this truth that was there all along.


Today’s takeaway, where are you wasting energy, precious energy?

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