Everyday Invalidations A Quiet Example Of Change


Not a lot of need for public goal setting and accountability with a team, etc etc.  I am far from an introvert or recluse so my title is about a deeper reflection of change.  I am in no need for the hoopla, though some may be.  Recognition they call it.


The example of change that happens and the change results that are created and sustained may be enough or more than enough to pique the curiosity of others considering change.  I would suggest that most if not all change is in the pursuit of happiness or perceived happiness.


How come this is being written now?  While in my 50 pounds fat loss change effort I have come to know humility and not arrogance.  There is power a quiet power in  change that goes well.  And with that success comes an awareness of responsibility to be gentle and compassionate with myself and others who remain in the struggle of change.


Have I reached my objective or target of 155 lbs from 209? Not yet and the journey continues.  Quiet change is very strong and attractive humble change in fact I guess has more influence than loud or arrogant change

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