Everyday Invalidations Change, Change Everywhere But None To Solve Our Suffering


Here we are on the cusp of loosing our planet in a few years, robots and droids displacing thousands if not millions of jobs as well as running out of water and food.  Wow!  Books, Great Goo-Roos and Titantic  Thought Leaders in change abound right now-as do experts in how to find a job and how to write a resume.


What is the change plan?  Lay it out for me to see and think through.  How was it designed and who designed it?  An expert designed it!  Oh, okay.  How was it designed?  From old ideas and old money and rich political greed interests!  Oh, okay.  So the future is old then?  Yes and with new packaging though.

Oh, okay.


Change, change everywhere but non to cure us of our suffering or solve the problem.  Funny as I read the various models of change most begin with or have root cause at the individual level.  What is the change plan at the micro level?   How much awareness do we have or need?  How deeply must we awaken to change our dogmatic assumptions and beliefs and unconscious motives?


Today’s takeaway, go for a walk in the woods or where there are trees and bird song.  Listen to the birds as soon bird song will be gone because we have killed them all.  Harsh but true

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