Everyday Invalidations Disruption and Change-Broccoli For Breakfast



Today I had broccoli for breakfast.  How come?  Just for a change.  How was it?  Okay I guess.

Did anything magical happen?  Yes, it did it did in fact!  My body chemistry and metabolism changed in fact with the disruptive broccoli.  The hormone ghrelin was suppressed by the fiber in the vegetable and it lowered the overall insulin response.  I cannot comment on how it impacted the leptin or other chemicals involved in digestion and metabolism of food yet.

A revolution and disruption can be as small and as tame as having broccoli for breakfast.  Disruption often gets a bad rap due to its relationship with change or sudden change or anything that does not conform.  One would think that broccoli is a low key conformist veggie.  Not so, it proved today that it is on the cutting edge of breakfast change and metabolic hormone influence.  Broccoli itself is an innocent green plant. It is the curiosity and choice  made to insert it into the daily breakfast regimen.  How come?  I was curious to see what impact it would have on my hunger and cravings as well as if I would throw it up or spit it out due to my habitual breakfast routine.

The takeaway for today is that disruption and change and revolution need not be cloud computing or AI or the like.  Your daily existence can be impacted by choosing broccoli and it is you who act as agent in the change.

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