Everyday Invalidations The Path


Why do so many change efforts fail?  How does that 70% number stay so constant?  What is happening?

With all the models and theories and coaching techniques why does change seem so elusive?  What can I be curious about here?

Is it that the change effort remains on the surface? The inner journey of challenging assumptions and questioning beliefs may not be given the respect it deserves.  People may get quite defensive with the above statement as it is one that suggest a degree of humility and vulnerability.  They both provide a path to the inner journey.  Humility and vulnerability are not the only paths there are more.

There is unfinished grief, trauma and emotional relationships that have yet to be discovered and completed.  The fact of going back to relive trauma and fear is not something that most people relish.   What to do?  Remain ignorant I suggest.

One portion of bliss and a whole lot of suffering.

The path of change is one to follow for a lifetime not to be abandoned after a few futile attempts.

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