Everyday Invalidations More Of The Change

Read, write and try to make sense of change.  It is simple and complex at the same time.  How hard can it be?  Not that hard with the proper lens to view from.

Theory U along with U.Labs is proving to be interesting as that of Theory of Constraints.  Where does this take me?  A better paying job or online riches in the millions?  Maybe.  Perhaps it points to a deeper awareness of my own inner journey.


Grief and change:

  • Job Loss
  • Business Loss
  • Family Loss
  • Financial Loss
  • Loss of faith
  • Loss of trust
  • Loss of physical mobility


Can I have more of Job Loss please?  This entails many losses that often go unresolved and are denied any voice by of the population.  There is the structural act of job loss and there is the emotional residue of the loss and the subsequent grief related to the change.  In my travels I have yet to find many places that offer a safe place to grieve the loss and create meaning for the change.


The take away, there is grief that is associated with loss and change.  Too often most people are afraid of emotions even in this age of emotional intelligence.  I am not vilifying the EQ movement rather questioning how emotionally literate are we or want to be?

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