Everyday Invalidations The Inner Journey Of Change



The visual above may be interpreted from a religious, spirtual or secualr view point.  My core message is that an internal change begins with ourselves and a degree of contemplative awareness.

Theory U and U.Lab is not for the faint of heart neither is Theory of Constraints.   If I was to list the systems and methods of change I have been schooled in and know but may not practice they are:

  1. Appreciative Inquiry
  2. Theory of Constraints
  3. Deep Democracy
  4. Theory U
  5. Prosci Adkar
  6. Capillary Change Agency method
  7. Strengths Finder
  8. Bar-On EQ-i
  9. Bar-on EQ-360
  10. Family Systems-Golder Method
  11. 12 Steps of AA
  12. Laughter Therapy/Yoga-Dr. Steve Wilson Method
  13. Second City Improv-Toronto
  14. Option Process-Barry Kaufman Method

Wow and all of this has been accumulated over 20 years.

Have I changed?  A little bit.  But aren’t we all on a quest to change at one point or another?  What do we do and how do we change or not change?  Yes we do physically age and change that way but what about out internal world?  Thoughts, dreams, feelings, etc?  What happens to them?


How do we provide or ascribe meaning to the emotions of change?  How does that help in the processing of the change?  I want to challenge the notion of why change often fails at the micro level and the macro level.  I have some ideas about how we set out selves up for change resistance and the failure of making new years resolutions. Where and when did that start?  Who started it?  I am curious about that.

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