Everyday Invalidations An Intellectual Response

What is the real problem?  We try to solve and understand emotional events with the intellect.  That can be done a bit further down the road when trust is established at the outset it serves to alienate.

I am stopping every 2 pages or so to contemplate how right John James got it when we wrote the The Grief Recovery Method Handbook.  The intellect and logical responses are of no value, advantage or benefit to the grieving person yet we continue to spew and spray invalidating analytical comments in their direction. Save the logic and analysis for math, accounting, science and engineering.

Hence I am revisiting my motive for starting and writing this as a daily.  Emotions have no place in the world even though we tout the hype and benefit of Emotional intell and literacy.  Again I am a card carrying member in support of Claude Steiner, Goleman et al.  But I still don’t see it.  I don’t see that change or the softening.  It remains intellectual hard logic a denial if you will.

Onward we go.  Feed yourself first and love yourself every chance you have.  After all you are all you have.

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