Everyday Invalidations Critical Success Factors CSF

There is no real guarantee or perfection.  There is actually an improvement of your odds or probability.

That mind set helps me a lot these days.  The three guarantees are death, taxes and constant change, the rest is probability.

For my change event to have goods odds of succeeding I need to use different thinking than before the change.  Notably logic and rigor that unfolds to a daily discipline of sorts.  The stream of logic is necessity logic or thought.  “In order for A I must do B.”  That goes beyond that I have done in the past, wishful thinking with little structure.

Critical success factors help lead to the results of the goal or objective.  If my goal is to lose 50 lbs of fat then there are 3-5 logical CSF’s that are required to be in place to support the goal.  What might they be?  Hmm, think hard about this and try to think of them as milestones that support the change event.


  1. Intermittent Fasting
  2. 7-8 Hours of sleep per night
  3. Exercise 2x daily
  4. Hydrate with water constantly every day
  5. Eat more raw and steamed vegetables


Well how does that look?

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