Everyday Invalidations Move From The Simple To The Complex

This may seem self evident however there have been times when I have been caught in situations that required knowing and doing the complex right away.  Change requires many muscles to be used some of which have not been used in a long time.  One being listening.  Listening?  Yes to yourself and how you talk about your change.  The next is thinking in the absence of emotions to the extreme.  This may be called critical thought.  What is the cause and effect of the event?  Who does it impact and what are other effects that could occur?

The change to technology and the digital world takes its own time for all of us.  I would not say that those who have been labeled Gen Y or the digital generation are any further ahead than the rest of us as far as change.  They too have their own beliefs, assumptions and paradigms that impede or constrain them.

Change happens first with the simple.  It migrates to the complex over time as understanding and learning increase.  Micro changes such as weight loss, exercise or eating changes are some of the most failure laden events at present.  Yes there are those who succeed and become superstars however, I pose the question about the number who failed to make the change or where the event was derailed.  Often what happens is too much too fast and change fatigue sets in.  The initiative spirals out of control, anxiety, fear and doubt become priority emotions that drive the behavior.

Practice becomes performance.  Practice the simple first until competence is gained.  Mastery comes much later unlike the overnight sensation ads presented on the media channels we consume.  Competence is underrated and mastery is overrated.


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