Everyday Invalidations Bonds Of Common Peril

I started to think about how best to create and write about my experiences.  Since I am not selling a book or a webinar or trying to digitally hustle those who visit or read this blog I thought it best to outline events of mine, the thoughts and feelings that go along with them and build a community of those who can identify.

My motive is to rise the above the commercial noise and cacophony of video logs and web logs out there today and present some unabashed insight into my mistakes and vulnerabilities.  These flashes of brilliance arrive at the tender age of 48 where by traditional standards I am to know everything  and be well established in a career and life situation where I can be wealthy and happy in a few short years.  Thereafter invest my remaining days basking on a beach in Florida talking about how good I have it and what a wonderful world it is.

The reality is far different from the picture painted and sold to me over the years.  However, I feel and think there is hope for me yet.  Change!  The pace of change that is seems to be working in my favor.  I am a supporter of the fragmentation movement where life is getting smaller and smaller-technology is making it so.

Steve Sammartino Business Technololgy Futurist speaks about this at length.  Today have a friendly beverage, a friendly snack and laugh a friendly laugh it will help the world out, it sure needs it.

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