Everyday Invalidations Limit The Change In Progress

This is a short paragraph about the “aha” moment I had late last night reading Personal KanBan by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry  For a Kan Ban  to work there are 2 rules.  First, visualize your work and second limit the work in progress.  How come you are re-stating this you may ask?  Good question.  For about 3 years now  I have been thrashing around with career and re-education choices and lack of as I get older.  The assumption, belief or paradigm I have been operating with is that of ageism.  That leads to the stress, panic and loss of being able to contribute to society and be financially responsible.  So after reading limit the work in progress my brilliant mind surfaced this “limit the change in progress”.  How much change am I juggling?  Not how many tasks am I doing nor how many daily KPI’s am I expecting.  How much change am I juggling?   Why?

Reference Link: Modus Institute


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