Everyday Invalidations Don’t Be Blue

As I inquire about my blog writing and other dysfunctions in my life I am realizing that it makes sense to take my time and limit what I am doing.  The above statement is about my thought and language “a blue streak” used to mean derogatory, slanderous and rude comments and descriptive words that originate from anger or emotional discomfort.

Years ago I took a Stand Up Comedy course at Humber College in Toronto.  Our instructor was Larry Horowitz, who cautioned us not to be too blue with content and delivery.  Have a wide general appeal for your comedy he mentioned and at the same time hammer and carve out a niche for your self.  With that in mind as I  review my blog posts some have an edge to them and have blueness as well.  In addition to this I am taking time to read and learn how to write substantive work.  This is a skill a creative and intellectual skill that takes time to comprehend and hone.

To those who subscribe to this and read it my promise is to compose and provide kind of neat stuff for you to read, ponder and reflect on a daily basis.  Yes I am diving back into the world of emotional invalidation as well as change agency, gratefulness and will dabble a bit with curiosity.  Oh and remember to have a friendly beverage and laugh a friendly laugh a few times a day.

Many Thanks

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