Everyday Invalidations Start By Stopping

Study for exams, write papers, blog, project manage, make meals, clean the house, do laundry, diet, loose weight, child care, exercise, save money, invest money, job search, network and the list will drone on and on.  This is not self help nor am I selling you my latest e book on how to change your life.

Anxiety is a funny thing as is mania.  Too much too fast produces overload.  Too much life I mean.  Too much to do and no time?  So for the change that was handed to me on March 6 2017 at 10:30 am I am now stopping after a few weeks of flailing about.  Yes I got some stuff done and had a few interviews.  However, there is a bigger picture that rises above the checklists and project tasks.  The kan ban, the system of relaxation and of limiting shit in progress (it is supposed to be work in progress).

Most of the emotional expectations and hostage taking I do myself from a perfection point of view and never to be at a loss for project progress or how dare you say you failed and fucked up.  There is some serious deep learning to be done here beyond skimming a few pages of a book and writing a few notes.  Deep skill takes patience a type of emotional patience with allows for competence and confidence to sink in before it is done.  So get patient and confident. Drill the detail at least 1000 times as Professor Wally Jay used to say.  Drill the detail.  Drill the basics and apply patience and care to what is being done.  Life is for living not for chasing anxiety.

The kanban is born in the morning and all work will flow from there.  Discipline is the drill.

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