Everyday Invalidations Leaders Who Are Not Leaders

While riding the TTC subway today my eye was caught by a poster from a local business school selling MBA programs and it talked about how it will improve leadership. Hmm, maybe.  However if I move to a darker note or a pessimistic note I have worked for degreed leaders who are not leaders at least not in behavior.  I am sure the intention of the business school is a noble one and to make money at the same time however I once worked for a great business tycoon in my home town of London Ontario.  He was such a great man and business leader they city awarded him a picture and a plaque in the library along with other great industry tsars.

My experience working for this man who is lauded as a great and prestigious leader was that he was a thug, bully, a drunk, a sexist and a sex addict and those were his good points.  Oh ya and he came from a wealthy family too.

The take away, look beyond the obvious and be curious consistently.


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