Everyday Invalidations What A Staffing Professional, Head Hunter Or Recruiter Crave And Want

This is a slight digression from the usual fare here so hold on.  After 10 years in the muck of 3rd party recruitment I can tell you for sure that what your staffing pro is after is to meet quota and kpi.  Yup that is it!  It is not to help you are move your career along or anything like that as there is a manger who tracks the numbers, phone time, calls made. etc ., etc. about a staffing pros daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly actions.  Head hunting, and recruitment are control jobs.  Yes I said it control, coercion and manipulation.  I will be under fire for saying this however I have many years of experience to back this up.  I have sat in team or should I say dysfunctional team meetings to provide you with insight as to what is said about candidates and how to make them do what we want to obtain our quota.  It is simply a disgusting form of trafficking under the guise of talent attraction and human capital management.

So what and how does this impact and influence you?  Once you are aware of their need and what their addiction and craving is you are able you can use this to your advantage.  How?  Keep them warm on the back burner as I was told years ago on how to treat and talk to candidates.  Keep them dangling I was told. Control and manipulate Draisey!  Barked the firm manager.  Don’t act like a naïve rookie!  WTF?

Keep your staffing pro on the back burner, keep them dangling, why?  Because they are chasing numbers and quota and you can help or hinder them with this addiction.

  1. Know that a job posting is a cry for help or suffering.  This is my idea that a public posting or call to fill a position is the sign of a weak strategic business position. There is a problem with retention and attraction of the skill set and socio-emotional qualities required to move the business vision forward.  This is a non traditional and disruptive idea and yes I may get hate mail for it. The take away, if your company is so well positioned and an industry leader then you should have job candidates beating down the door.  Cut the crap!
  2. Know that your staffing pro is in it for the $$$$.  Look beyond the typical hype and crap that most of them flog-talent management, human capital attraction, help build management teams, etc ,etc.  The take away,  put your staffing pros feet to the fire.  Design and calibrate questions for them to answer, have them run errands for you up front.
  3. End run the staffing pro. Conduct your own competitive profiling for industries and companies for you to approach and get a gig, job or contract with.  This goes hand and in hand with end run the HR dept and yes I may get car bombed for this statement as well.  The take away,  work harder and smarter than the staffing pro.  Above all be pleasant when conducting these negotiations.
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