Everyday Invalidations Trauma

A deeply disturbing or distressing experience. Our concern here for this short piece is any kind of trauma physical, emotional and psychological.  It is an experience.  Along with the sudden death of my father and brother I went through the windshield and broke my arm-physical trauma.

There are terrible terrible events that happen each day and we all have our own reaction and belief of what trauma means or does not mean to us.  I often think that I was lucky I am not dead or in a wheel chair and laugh of my petty injuries as I used to call them.  You might say that I was in denial and taking some kind of harmful pleasure in invalidating myself or better yet I was not worth the healing and love I needed to get better.

Let’s get up to speed with a recent example- my lay off notice this past Monday that was a sudden and unexpected change.  Physically I was not harmed however emotionally and financially it hurt and will hurt if I let it.  Yes I can grieve the loss and that is for another post.  I can also take some time to listen deeply and learn from my decision patterns, faulty assumptions and emotions of self worth.  Change is a complex and simple path if I let it be.  I am the worst judge of myself and the best invalidator.  Action and action I say and rush into the next thing with out quite contemplation or critical thought to observe causal connections, erroneous belief systems and the emotional victim spectrum that accompanies it.

I have not need to go into a step by step explanation of the Kubler Ross Grief and Change model as that is for another post as well.  Trauma and loss and change I feel are in some way related and can be the catalyst for shifting beliefs and assumptions that drive habits and decisions. If you have experienced trauma or have been through it then heal yourself by seeking help for your change via whatever means you feel will challenge assumptions and provide you with a safe place to contemplate your thoughts and feelings.


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