Everyday Invalidations Trauma As A Change Agent Part 1

In August of 1976 I was a 7 year old boy out for a car ride with my family, mom and dad and my younger brother who was 5.  Here is the sudden and abrupt change that happened, the trauma,.  We were hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light, my younger brother and my father were killed.  My mother and I survived.

That event has shaped my life since that day.  Grief and loss aside for a 7 year old not to mention how I tried to make sense of that happened if beyond this post.

It was a traumatic change, sudden and abrupt.  It can remain as such as long as I don’t process, grieve and feel the loss.  Hence the Kubler Ross Grief and Change curve.  It is not easy it never is and I am not trying to invalidate their deaths.  It was a terrible event that happened and their is still emotion around that day.

How is this agency for change?  A dear friend asked my how the job search is going after the sudden and abrupt lay off that came this past Monday.  I said not bad.  We began to talk about how a traumatic change in his life lead him to investigate and be curious about unconscious emotions and the secrets that we keep.  He told me that trauma is a peculiar thing as we all react differently.  In some it makes us self harm and self destruct and in other it brings out some of the strongest aspects of creation and love we have.

He mentioned that perhaps due to the abrupt change early in life you are at home with change agency and management.  There is some comfort helping people along the journey if they want.

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