Everyday Invalidation The Look And Feel Of Freedom

Today is Day zero of the change event as today is what I will choose to call the catalyst.  At 10:30am I was provided with a layoff notice from my current job as a recruiter.  I was given 2 weeks notice as at Friday March 17 2017 at close of business my services will no longer be required due to lack of business and organizational restructuring.

I was so happy to hear the news I had to wait until my lunch break to laugh, sing and dance down the street.  The sentence is over, the conflict is done, my own hostage taking and emotional blackmail has ended.  There are great horizons that await!

I got into the recruitment gig as a suggestion from a friend and to see if I could do more candidate focused work above and beyond what the public service was allowing me to do and there was the potential for lots and lots of money.

Here I am almost ten years later well not quite as I worked career counselling 2009-2010 until that contract ended.   So 8-9 years of being on the phones and working in the shit as I call it and it was shit from my experience.  Some people do very well at it and make millions of dollars I earned a basic wage.  It is now time to leave and move on to what is next in life.

Here is what I learned and you can take it or leave it if you want.  My life is too fucking short to be held hostage 5 days a week and to work weekends and over time and the other bullshit to earn a buck.  My existence is to finite to commute 4 hours a day, come home exhausted, depressed, get fat, lazy and emotionally stuff my face with junk food hoping it will calm the anxiety and anger that I have to go back to “it” in the morning.

Today was a blessing for me.  Will I be a millionaire?   Not sure.  Will I now pursue what I am skilled at and enjoy doing?  Yup. Will I seek out super cool people who have substance, and uniqueness to them? Damn straight.

We short change our precious time by taking ourselves hostage or allowing others to take us hostage or emotionally blackmail us.  It is really unhealthy and can shorten your life.

What can you do?  Start by reading George Kohlreisers book Hostage at the Table and if you are in a hostage situation change it.  Make an escape plan.

Remember feed yourself first you need emotional nutrition.

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