Everyday Invalidations Easy Losing Focus Is Hmmmm.

From the wise Jedi Knight of Star Wars Fame, Yoda it seems so hot and sexy to establish goals for change and start skipping down the path hoping that everything will go your way until you run into Murphy-Murphy’s Law-what ever can go wrong will go wrong.  We are unprepared for the set back and not emotionally resilient enough to navigate this change so we quit.

Oh wow another downer man!  Why such the darkness dude?  Is it darkness or am I hinting at reality?  Your life is a series of limited resources-time, money, energy, health.  We are not infinite so what we commit to or not commit and quit or not quit takes us down various roads of choice or lack of choice.  We often find ourselves chasing our tail around the Karpman Drama Triangle from Victim to Rescuer to Persecutor loving the chase and hating our existence.  We may come to the end of our days and look back at a barren field of would of and could of and should of, wow man, loss of focus and lack of resilience sounded the death knell.

My educated guess for this lack of focus is lack of confidence in our abilities cognitive and emotional and/or social.  Some call it self worth, esteem, etc ,etc.  Basically it is a debasing of our existence or devaluing our lives, stories and choices.  I have made bad choices and they can be used as a motive for insight and change if you allow them to do so.  Lack of focus or loss of focus tell us information if we are willing to listen and not judge.  Once we defend or judge quite possibly we have lost our moment of change agency.

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