Everyday Invalidations The Goal By Dr. E Goldratt The 1st Five Pages

The Goal written in 1984 is a business fable centered around the Theory Of Constraints a management paradigm and thought model for system change and improvement.  My reason for writing this is that this will be my 3rd read of the book among several hundred over the span of the 2017.

Within the first five pages there is ample evidence of conflict, emotional hostage taking, lack of sales, lack of system structure and plenty of chaos for this publicly listed US manufacturing company trying to make a come back after some harsh financial downturns.  It is now over 30 odd years since the book came out and we are still struggling with business and system issues as well as threats, emotional hostage taking at work and overall chaos.  It is not that the book does not have merit it does!  And the Theory of Constraints does as well if one takes the time to change.  It is as simple as that.  I will not spoil the ending for those who wish to pursue obtaining and immersing yourself into the common sense the author attempts to explain.

The issues of chaos, conflict, lack of sales, late delivery or whatever is not written in stone it can be changed.  It does not have to be that way.  TOC is not the savior of the world it does provide for stopping, thinking and questioning with curiosity about the system that is suffering.

What has changed in 30 years in business? Technology maybe but the scoldings and brow beatings during sales meetings and weekly operations reports are still the mainstay of most operations today.  Yes emotional literacy and intelligence is on the rise maybe, however passive aggressive unverbalized fear remains the currency of business, and you thought it was money.  No it is the energy of fear and control.

Let me finished with this.  Think for a change, actually stop and think and question beyond the obvious for a change.  Calm and quiet the emotional storm that is crashing through your life and think.  Ask questions about cause and effect.

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