Everyday Invalidations The User Experience Of Change

What is the feeling we get during a change event?  Where do we feel it?  Does the emotional energy live in our hearts, soul, head or body deep in the tissue and bones?  What is the experience?  Since starting to read UX design and other books the user experience of change has never been explained to me or I have yet to find the right books or talk to the right people.

Can one design change to be delightful?  How so?

In my experience change has been thrusted upon me due to many factors however as I get older and slow the busyness party down just a bit I come to realize that I have not been all that aware of change that has pounced upon me.  The paradox is that it has been lying in wait for some time I as oblivious to that situation.

My interest is in the UX of change at a micro and macro level.  Can it be designed, managed, or led?

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