Everyday Invalidations Who Is Responsble For Your Change?

I used to think it was someone else but it is not, it’s me.   I know as hard a pill as I had to swallow so long ago I took a step out of the victim role to that of creator (creating change, initiating change and being an agent of change).  It is a very important step a milestone in adult development as a matter of fact.

Until this time I was a child in an adults physical body -emotionally immature if you will.  Day by day I learned the hard way to grow up and started to shed my victim and helplessness script.

For more on this read The Goal yes it is about business and manufacturing however the characters are victims to circumstance and poor judgement like the rest of us despite how much money they make.  The hero of story states “I am all that  I have.”  After his wife and kids leave him due to his workaholic personality as does his upper management buddies who threaten to close his plant and throw him out on the street when he falls short of the corporate numbers they are all chasing.

He states an absolute truth because people come and go in life and in the end you are all you have.


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