Everyday Invalidations Play And Change Agency

“Daddy will you play bubbles with me?” asks my 3 year old as I wash the dishes after breakfast.

“Yup, right there after I finish up here.” I reply  However there was a time when I had no time to play or change or any thing as frivolous as playing with a developing child.  I am important don’t you know.  Places to go, people to see, emails to return, book to read, things to do, meetings to arrange, etc ,etc.  So it was for the busy nobody who looked busy going now where.

We blew bubbles Claire and I for a long time. Small ones and big ones. We tried to catch them before they landed on the floor and then blew some more and she ran around laughing and squealing trying to to poke them with her finger.  And I sat in my gratitude and humility of warmth watching with a smile only a dad could know.  And it is these aspects of play that change me from the self absorbed sociopath to a vulnerable man who is humbled to play with his beloved child non competitive play that is.  Play for the sake of play.  To shake up my common practice of seriousness or that of common adult non sense.

And what if I had said no to play.  What then?  Invalidation?  Perhaps.

Disagree, Dislike and dissent if you choose and don’t forget to play.

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