Everyday Invalidations Change Agency As A Lifeskill

I am open to comments on this as I have come to the realization at the advanced age of 48 that indeed change or the subject of change was not schooled or taught to me as a young blossoming mind.  It was not really anything that was main stream in university or college during my developing years as a young adult and even now it is sort of kind of a subject area of concern as we are swamped with change we cannot handle or manage.

So that leads me to the constant in life, change not stability as I hear every day from my clients and candidates.  I am looking for a stable job or our company is seeking long term loyal employees.  How is that possible in today’s environment?  Looking for stability then ride the wave of change and keep moving.  The stability piece is an archaic hold over from the 2oth century post war industrial push.

I suggest the life skill to pursue, become competent at and master is change agency and management.  This may be where the term CEO of your life comes in to play.

Please see Richard Batchelor on change agency here Change Agency

Of course more to come on change, blind spots and bad bad strategy from a micro perspective.

Dislikes and dissension and disagreement is openly welcome on this.

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