Everyday Invalidations Just Listen

I have undertaken an experiment the past few days to learn a skill, a simple skill at that, listening.  Listen with the whole body.  wtf?????  Tune in and present a blank slate to the adversary or your counter party which means offer your mind as a blank slate.

Try not to do too much at once,like defend your position and cook up replies to their position before they are done.  I am keeping track of how many times in a conversation I am aware of  my level of listening, mirroring and validation. Am I racing to respond, defend, correct, analyze or reply????  Or am I using an effective pause and using the simple technique of validation and the mirror.   Note than I am not using NLP body language mirror and miming their every movement nor am I parroting each word they say.

I am drilling my listening skills as a foundation to build upon using the Voss Black Swan model.  I am listening for and trying to tune into emotions or unspoken reservations.

Mirror and validate.  See here voss negotiation.

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